Gun For Hire: Independence

Over the past twelve months I have been freelancer, hourly employee, salaried employee, and member of the largest employee-owned advertising agency in the United States of America. The adventure continues today, and it feels fitting on this Fourth of July to say a few words about independence.

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Creating Value in the Quiet Times

· July 9, 2014

Find something cool or fun to say next Friday when nothing else is going on, and you will break through. Excellent advice from Gary Vee, as always.

The Steady Drum

· July 7, 2014 · , ,

Piano players, armies, and frustrated artisans. We all march to the beat of a steady drum.

Been a Week (2014-07-04)

· July 4, 2014 · , ,

Independence Day, Snapple Peach Tea, Term Limits, sunset obsession, and being grateful through hard work.

The Blank Page

· June 8, 2014 · , ,

“Let me say it again: you must not come lightly to the blank page.” — Stephen King, On Writing

The Pursuit of Happilyness

· December 31, 2013 · , ,

Everyone searches for joy and peace, hoping to find something that makes them happy. Regardless of the pursuit, few things are worth the journey without the company of those you love. These are some of the footprints one twenty-something man left in the sand while pursuing…happiness.

Tools and Toys

· October 1, 2013 · , ,

There comes a time in every techie’s life when he/she simply must indulge in, “what apps do you like?” I generally stray from such posts, but my dev lead at work told me I had to do so. Hat tip to him for forcing my hand with sharing some tips.

The Truth About Glass Boxes

· August 17, 2013

If you know me from anywhere other than this website, it may be hard for you to believe that I would ever run out of words. In truth, the words are always there, but lately I haven’t known how to put them onto a page. This is not a victory shout from a writer who has found his way out of a slump; this is just “the next line” of prose that has found its way to the page.

Zoom Out, Focus

· July 13, 2013 · , ,

Do you ever wonder if this ecosystem of electronic data makes us want to save too much? We have the collective knowledge of millions of people at our fingertips, plus nearly all of the recorded information for all of times past, and yet we still want to save and preserve…more.