CK Hicks - Heartful Technologist


I’m CK, a Heartful Technologist and multi-disciplinary creative in Kansas City, USA 🇺🇸


I’m a life-long learner with ~15 years of professional experience in software development and multimedia production.

Understanding how people interact with technology is my never-ending hobby. Bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms is my constant daydream.

You can usually find me with pen in hand, camera at the ready, and up to my elbows in lines of code.

I’m driven by the beliefs that time is our greatest common currency and people are our most precious natural resource. My favorite question is “what if” and I’m always prepared to work hard in pursuit of the best path forward for everyone.


  • Begin new projects with my family
  • Press publish again on YouTube
  • Scan hundreds of film negatives
  • Practice at-home Virtual Production


  • Emerging Technologies
    • Augmented & virtual reality (AR/VR)
    • Motion capture
    • Recognition platforms (AI/ML)
    • Volumetric video
  • Media Production
    • Audio engineering (live, studio)
    • Photography & videography
    • VFX for indie films & web series
  • Interactive Displays
    • Experiential installations
    • Art installations
    • Alternate Reality Games (ARG)
  • Software Development
    • Web, hybrid, voice, & mobile apps
    • Game development
    • APIs, microservices, DevOps


Alamo Drafthouse, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Dairy Queen, The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, Wingstop, NBH Bank, Dairy Farmers of America, McCarthy Construction, Noodles & Co, Miller’s Ale House, William Jewell College, SunnyD, Kemps, Northeastern University
(select list, contact me for additional details)




This site is proudly powered by WordPress! It is a heavy work in progress (like me) but yeeting something out into the cyberverse has always been strangely motivating.

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