It’s Not About Me

…well, the website is

Before I put anything else on this website, before I add content of any kind, and before I check to see if anyone’s looking, I want to make one thing very clear:

It’s not about me.

This website is the product of many lines of thought all crashing into one another after months of consideration and wishy-washy skitsofrentic arguments with myself. (For those of you still reading, that translates into a lot of careful consideration.) I never wanted to blog, and to this day don’t really see the point. I mean come on, why would people on the internet want to go read what is going on in my life? Who cares but those who wish to ask? For months, years actually, this was my line of thought in a nutshell. I already have a demo reel – what more could people need to know, right?

Then one day I took a hard look at what I browse online. I started keeping a mental checklist of all the sites I visit more than three or four times a week. Many of them belong to film companies, game studios, or other professional organizations. But when I summed up and simplified the “purpose” of several other sites I frequent I came to the realization that I actually DO check sites where people post their “thought of the week” or funny comic strip or whatever they use to tell their story. Many of these people I can pick up the phone and talk to right now, but really some of the most up-to-date information I have on them comes from the little tidbits of information they put up in between our times of direct contact.

So when I say this site isn’t about me, I first want you to understand how hard it is to actually bring myself to write this. I don’t expect anyone to actually read this far into this post, but perhaps if you have you’ll be one who comes back to see what I’ve added at a later date. And to those of you who do know me in real life – I honestly think you’ll be interested in what appears in these pages as time goes on.

I want to use this space and time to post little pieces of information about stuff I’m working on, ideas I have, projects I’m starting/finishing, and also new things I’m trying to bring to the forefront for consideration. You’ll see very little “oh my gosh I hate traffic” and whatnot, because that would defeat the motto of this site wouldn’t it? Rather, I submit that while this is my “personal” site, there will be much more here related to my everyday life and projects as a whole than my actual “professional” site. (However, I can promise an occasional witty remark, movie/game review, or playful jab at something I encountered during the week. Gotta detach now and then I suppose…)

All that said, I humbly request that you take this to heart as you read whatever else may come from these first few baby steps. Bookmark if you will, leave if you like, but if you have any interest in knowing more about who I am, what I do, and why I do it this is the place. Stay tuned!