American Idol – Day 1

Woke up at 3:00 am today to be at the crew call by 4:00 – we quickly found out that the term “production assistant”
basically means “grunt/peon/grip” and that most of what we would be doing would be related to crowd control and ticket handling.  That’s fine with me, as I’m there to watch and learn how things work in the trenches for a large-scale
production like this.  So while I would love to tackle some technically-oriented tasks, I know that they have people to do just that and they wouldn’t hire workers off of the street for it anyway!

The crew has been awesome to work with, and really make sure the PAs have what they need and are taken care of.  I’ve worked with some of the producers, cameramen, public relations, security, as well as with others and they all are very helpful and friendly.  Kudos to the entire crew for making our job easier in that respect!

I leave you with a quick list of answers to the top 5 questions I heard today:

  • No, I cannot help you get a better audition spot.  Sing well.
  • Yes, the person who will be singing must be present for registration.  Hard to use a wristband without a wrist to wear it on.
  • No, I cannot introduce you to Simon, Paula, or anyone else like that.
  • Yes, I was hired locally and am not traveling with Amerian Idol all over the country.  Yes, I am from Omaha.  Good connection!
  • No, you may not have my red shirt.

Crew call is two hours later tomorrow (I only have to be up at 6:00) so yay for extra sleeping time!