Poetry – Friends Like You

It’s a real blessing to have friends like you,
People who you know you can always talk to,


People who will listen when you’re feeling down,
Who won’t spread your conversations all over town,


People who you can look straight in the eye,
And talk to them honestly without having to lie,


People that will tell you how you make them feel,
Who can do it without making you seem like a heel,


People that aren’t prideful and refuse to boast,
Even when the spotlight shines on them the most,


People that include you even when you don’t fit,
Who are willing to help you get into the swing of it,


People that are helpful when you trip and fall,
And won’t get on your back when you drop the ball,


People that are willing to take time so you’ll learn,
Who want to see you get better and collect what you earn,


People who understand what you’re really trying to say,
And won’t take offense to it in any sort of way,


People that can be happy with you when you are glad,
And who try to help you move on when you’re feeling sad,


I thank God every day for the people that care,
Those I know I can go to and they will be there,


Let me say once more – and this statement is true,
It’s a real blessing from heaven to have friends like you.