Poetry – Happy New Year

With the closing of the last 12 months drawing very near,
It brings to peoples minds how they will bring in the new year,


For some it provides an excuse to stay up late,
To join all the people who pack into a small space,


They all chant a countdown as a ball drops down a pole,
And yell in the camera at “all those people back home”,


Or for others it’s a chance to take a sip of fine wine,
To reflect on the past year and recall the good times,


A romantic candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant,
And at the close of the evening to pop the big question,


Some people do that in the middle of Times Square,
Although I’m not quite sure how you could focus on it there,


Certain people like all the noise and crowds of others like them,
Those who seem to enjoy partying until who knows when,


Yet for some others it’s just another plain day,
Celebrated by dinner and going to bed rather early,


They can’t stand the fuss, formality, or freakiness of people,
They just want to see it all pass by without making a big deal,


To spend an evening in fellowship with family and friends,
Is how I personally prefer to see a year come to an end,


Seeing the firework shows displayed on the TV is fun,
And to do it from our house versus being there is a plus,


It’s almost that moment, that special once-a-year hour,
When we throw out our calendars because their dates have gone sour,


I pray that God blesses you all in the approaching new time,
And I hope that you didn’t fall asleep while reading this rhyme,


No matter the style you use that I’ve listed here,
I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.