Poetry – I Wish That I Could Sleep

There are so many times I’ll be lying in my bed,
And this always happens on nights when I need my rest,


I’ll be thinking about you and all that you’ve said,
And a rhyme or a poem will start to form in my head,


It will no doubt involve your grace – possibly your beauty too,
Something special I remember from the last time that I saw you,


I begin to write it out as it continues to grow,
While my eyelids grow heavy – I’m quite tired you know,


I wish that I could sleep and get the rest that I need,
And I know that for certain I’ll be seeing you in my dreams,


You see I think about you a lot, just in case you haven’t noticed,
You’re on my brain during the majority of my waking moments,


I can picture your face and that look that you give me,
And the mear thought of you is purely intoxicating


By this time it’s ten-thirty, eleven, or twelve,
As I sit sorting this through my head as I try to tell,


Did I make a fool of myself – did I offend you in any way,
I sit running through all I said and did with you that day,


Did I make you grin when I entered the room,
Or did I put you off with my behavior towards you,


I’ll run through these things five times, then I’ll do it again,
Because I want to be a kind, concerning and yet fun-loving friend,


I keep thinking about your smile as I see you next to me,
Oh man, here I go again – I just wish that I could sleep.