Poetry – Purity

Purity’s a subject which I’ll try and define,
I’ll try to be brief – yet I’ll do it in rhyme,


Purity can be symbolized with a number of things,
Some people use bracelets, others pennants or rings,


However something I think most people today miss,
Amongst all the jewelry and gift-giving bliss,


Is that true Christian purity is not defined with great art,
Rather purity is the condition of your head and your heart,


Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not the symbols I mind,
It’s when people wear it without stopping to think why,


If it’s merely a pass that let’s you hold hands,
But saying all the while, “Oh, we’re just friends”,


Than I’d say that you’ve missed it and need to step back and look,
Maybe set aside part of your time to read the Lord’s book,


I would suggest reading 1st Timothy, Chapter 5 and Verse 2,
Where our Lord Jesus says to us, “Keep thyself pure”,


I ask only that you use caution while on your journey to be pure,
And I hope that your partner also understands for sure,


The true meaning of purity, and what it’s about,
Because most every person thinks they have figured it out,


We need to be careful in this day and age,
Because giving others tokens can be taken many ways,


For some it’s enough to been given something pretty,
And for yet some others, it’s simply a symbol of purity.

By CK Hicks

Greetings! I'm a life-long innovator and "heartful technologist" with 13+ years professional experience as a Developer. My primary passion is crafting experiences that enable compelling, human-first storytelling.

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