Poetry – What Can You Say?

What can you say, and how can you describe a very special person?
How can you explain their traits to someone who doesn’t know them?

Someone who’s always been there when you’re in a tight position,
Someone who is constantly helping and always ready to listen,

A person who is truly dedicated to his family and friends,
Who sacrifices his own needs in order to please them,

He is constantly in prayer for other’s well being and safety,
And I know that many times his prayers have helped me specifically,

He gives without thinking and without any thought of a return,
And to see others made happy is one of his great internal yearns,

What else can I say – I could go on for days,
How he has helped me and my family in so many ways,

He corrects mistakes gently and with special care,
Yet you understand the reason he was talking to you there,

He’ll be there when you stumble without anger or wrath,
Ready to lend a helping hand and pull you back on the path,

There are so few people in this world I wish I could imitate,
And one of the exclusive ones is with whom this poem associates,

This man is so special, not just in my eyes but in other’s also,
And I know I speak for everyone when I say what I’m about to,

A tried and true man of God, my grandfather is,
And so I salute you – Mr. Charles Kimball Hicks.