Gun for Hire: Introductions

Doing web work for yourself, clients, and a local web agency requires some fancy footwork at times. I’m not sure I’ve read too many blogs about going from flying solo to sitting at a desk (not like a corporate stooge, thankfully), so perhaps this will help some people.

Today, working with a local agency, I found myself tasked with an unexpected short-run project. I was happy to help, since I have been working on small projects for myself while we spin up some larger tasks “at the office.” This brought up the question of how much time I spent on the new project for the rest of the day; here are a few things I found helpful:

  • Use a system to keep track of current projects. Regardless of who you work for or what you do, it’s good to know the next step in the process.

  • Balance the immediate and the enduring. Since I have a tendency to jump in and help people right away, I wanted to make sure that my priorities weren’t out of whack. This was important, but so was my other work that paid bills.

  • Keep everyone in the loop. One area I have really struggled with over the years is notifying people about how things are going. Keeping an accountable communication habit is crucial for group success.

I’m really enjoying the time with the agency (40Digits) thus far. I feel like this is allowing me to ease my way into the desk environment, which is good because I have spent very little time in that setting over the last decade and change. This blog is a fun way for me to keep things moving and evaluate how I can do better; thanks for reading!