Freelancer On The Run

I was teasing a good friend about losing his internet connection the other night…then I came home to a dead line at my house. Cruel irony. Though this issue drove me to public wifi for several hours, I wanted to share a few ABC’s for the digital nomad with a non-functional home office.

  • Appraise. I love getting a break from the daily routine because it provides a great opportunity to prune your to-do list. If you’re like Merlin Mann, this means killing 100+ “projects” in OmniFocus; we mere mortals might use this time to make a few phone calls. Every bit counts.

  • Backup. Internet outages are a perfect time to back things up on one of your local drives. (Side note: If you work at a computer and DON’T have non-cloud drives dedicated to this task, shame on you.) I back up to at least two drives; daddy taught me good.

  • Clean. There are still a few things left over from your latest brainstorm (or lunch) that should finally find their way to the trash. I’m OCD, but my work area is where I work, not where I use a handy-wipe on a daily basis.

When you work from home, even if only part-time, losing your internet connection really sticks. It doesn’t have to mean a loss of time, however. You can still be productive from afar, even if that looks like writing a Lifehacker-esque post over McDonald’s wifi. Have fun!