Compute Midwest – 2016

These are a few of the notes I took at the Compute Midwest Conference in Kansas City, Missouri on November 2, 2016:

Bibop (Hyperloop)

  • “Crowdstorm” your ideas. Ask for everyone’s submissions to solve something, and do so on a regular basis.

Bob (Ethernet)

  • Build the simplest solution to solve the problem, then add and/or layer other solutions on top of that first one.
  • FOCACA is king! “Freedom Of Choice Among Competing Alternatives” drives the status quo down and breeds innovation.

Kaitlin (Mozilla)

  • Being mission-driven and focused on big ideas keeps employees involved at multiple levels.
  • “Open” means more information, more security via a wealth of knowledge, and more ideas to draw from at any given time.
  • “Security” does not mean locking things down and regulating every aspect of your business, product, workforce, etc.

Adam (Giphy)

  • With the rise of computers, we have traded accuracy for speed in our communication.
  • Stories are just information disguised as entertainment. (The lasting value is the information itself.)

Jordan (NASA: Mars)

  • Sometimes incremental storage (cacheing) is more effective than long-term storage, because at least some of the data survives and can be used to shape future missions if something goes wrong. Take time to store things incrementally.
  • NASA looks for: Intellectual curiosity, big picture thinking, the ability to make system-side connections, good communicators, leaders, being comfortable with change, having technical skills, appreciation for process, “proper paranoia” (appropriate to the larger goal), and high self-confidence…just short of arrogance.

Danny (Biobots)

  • Building with the, “oldest information system” in working with life itself.

Davyeon (Shottracker)

  • You can’t improve what you don’t measure! Teamwork means the best idea wins, no stone should be left unturned, and failing fast while iterating faster.
  • Products and services need to have customer data to improve. Make your entire team participate in that information gathering.

Alex (NASA: AR/VR)

  • Real-time data is essential to improvement.

By CK Hicks

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