CK, with camera, 4 years oldWorking on the web since before the turn of the century, he is a WordPress developer by trade with over eight years of mistakes and successes at his disposal.

“Do justly. Love kindness. Walk humbly. (Serve God, Help people, Make lots of stuff.)”

An avid storyteller, CK had camera, pen, and tape recorder in hand at four years old. Today he writes, snaps pictures, and podcasts as a Reclaimer of values from times long gone.

When he isn’t writing code or prose, you will find him moonlighting to audiobooks, 5by5, and Sherlock reruns over undisclosed quantities of tea.

Gun For Hire

But how does one make a living helping people, mostly through “doing stuff” that you can’t put on an invoice? Simple: You become known as a Know Where Man:

“…performing the actual labor can easily be the smallest part of the process, with the real value lying in correctly diagnosing the problem and coming up with a viable solution…whether the work is cerebral or manual.”

Want to learn more? Check out the entire series of posts and stay tuned for more!

Roads Less delevarT Traveled

CK and CKIt was not until his early twenties that CK researched why the world looks backwards at times. The best explanation is something he now sees as an advantage.

“So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.”

Thanks to having a backwards brain, he figures things out quickly, often seeing the end result long before he understands why or how it works. He doesn’t think about being inside or outside of the box: he has to re-create the box every time. Dealing with this every day has made him relentless and agile for solving problems of all types.

Always been fascinated with perspective, there are few things more interesting to CK than how and why one sees the world. Photography has been an interest, hobby, profession, and muse…but never a frustration. The action of selecting a perspective and seeing the world through that vantage point is a kind of therapy.

Some days, it’s a creative outlet; some days it’s a lifeline.

…thanks for all the fish!

CK and CKThanks much for stopping by, it really does mean a lot to him. (He promises not to talk in third-person any longer. That hasn’t been an issue since the, erm, incident.)

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