Day of Rest

I’m excited for Sunday.

By most people’s standards, I probably don’t have a lot of crazy adventures. That said, this last week I was up in Omaha, NE to launch a big project I’ve been working on for the last four months. It was nerve-wracking time, even though (by God’s grace) most of it went incredibly well.

As I was driving home yesterday, I thought really hard about what I’d be doing in a week or two. I have a few small projects here and there, but overall I don’t know exactly what the bulk of my working hours will be spent on.

“Hi, I’m CK, and this is my life.”

These unknown details, among several other key issues, have really been weighing me down for the last few days…weeks…months…years. I feel as though I need to answer these questions soon, but I also know that it doesn’t take a grand adventure to make things amazing along the journey. Even the little things can be meaningful and instructive:

This was my drive back from Omaha. Basically a wall of water for miles and miles. I was reminded of the many storms in the Bible, when God commanded the wind and waves just like He is now…even in my work life.

It’s hard to see what’s out there when you’re pushing through the mess, and I’m not sure what’s right in front of me, but I do know that I’m not going at it alone. And that is an encouraging thought.

Every breath is a gift; much less a big work project. God is good and His providence is beyond what I deserve! I’m grateful for every project – even the stressful ones – but I’m also very thankful for the day He set aside for us to rest from our regular labors. To me, that means also resting from thinking about those labors, which I greatly appreciate this week.

Whatever storm is looming over the next hill, I know that at least tomorrow will be safe. I don’t ever want to take that day for granted; He made it so I could pause and focus on Him, spending extra time to make sure my sight isn’t clouded by the storms around me. That slight break, the breath of fresh air, will no doubt re-kindle my energy and focus, just like it always does. Just like He promised it would.

Then, when my vision clears, not having focused on the work to come, but on Him? Then I’ll be ready for that work…whatever it looks like.