EE3 – Scouting New Lands

Two shadows fell across the edge of the creek, their outlines nearly merging to become one form. It could be assumed both were cast by humans, their slim builds and straight stature of youth revealing one as male and the other a slightly shorter female. The shadows paused and separated slightly as they stooped to drink at the stream. The water flowed slowly and sang a sweet melody as it rolled over the small rocks and debris along the shore. They had specifically traveled along this path to be present for the beautiful music playing in the moonlight. It was the perfect end to a long journey, and the rest was well deserved after hours of walking!

After offering his friend a drink, the male scooped some water into his hands and brought it to his mouth, the cool liquid clearing the dust from his throat and waking him up as he splashed the rest on his face. His darker skin didn’t show as well in the moonlight like his friend’s did, but the look of refreshment shone clearly as if it were midday. The younger of the two chuckled at her companion’s simple contentment and gazed skyward – how good it felt to pause and enjoy the night air! The stars shone brightly and the moon had climbed steadily higher as they traveled, clearly illuminating their path and making torches more trouble than they were worth. They had been walking since early that day and were thankful for a constant source of light throughout their trip.

The two friends stood together for several minutes as a soft breeze swirled through the valley. With it came the smell of sweet grasses sprinkled with the early stages of dew that would have appeared by sunrise. Pondering what they had learned, the companions began slowly walking again and stepped through the shallow water at their feet. In a way this was much like what they had done on their trip – work their way across various obstacles in the pursuit of what they felt was the right thing to do. It was never easy to consider leaving the party, and though they were close to everyone they had traveled with for years they knew it was where they were to go.

Why did life have so many differing routes for a small group of friends? Was leaving the land that they had grown up in and defended really necessary? How often would they be able to reunite with those they cared for – when would they see their family again? Many of these questions could be answered quite easily, and either of the two would assure all who inquired why they felt as they did. For them it was not a matter of distance, nor of duty or valor, but rather a calling that came from deep within to boldly go where they had not before. It wasn’t negotiable or brought by a weak sense of direction, it was a clear conviction that shone as bright as the moonlight on the ground where they trod. Something greater than themselves was opening doors that they could not, and in that they felt a peace about the entire adventures that lie ahead.

Nearing the top of a hill, the two could see the small glow of a fading fire that marked the center of the camp. They smiled as they approached the group of tents, eager to locate their bedrolls and get what sleep they could before the new day arrived. As they drew closer they spotted one lone figure sitting on a rock watching them approach, his gaze locked with theirs as he smiled and offered a slight wave. The two travelers exchanged a tired embrace and headed to their separate tents, both intent on sharing their news with the rest of the party in the morning.