Gun for Hire: Introductions

Doing web work for yourself, clients, and a local web agency requires some fancy footwork at times. I’m not sure I’ve read too many blogs about going from flying solo to sitting at a desk (not like a corporate stooge, thankfully), so perhaps this will help some people.

Today, working with a local agency, I found myself tasked with an unexpected short-run project. I was happy to help, since I have been working on small projects for myself while we spin up some larger tasks “at the office.” This brought up the question of how much time I spent on the new project for the rest of the day; here are a few things I found helpful:

I’m really enjoying the time with the agency (40Digits) thus far. I feel like this is allowing me to ease my way into the desk environment, which is good because I have spent very little time in that setting over the last decade and change. This blog is a fun way for me to keep things moving and evaluate how I can do better; thanks for reading!