Making Lemonade

Dealing with a rough sequence of events can be tough. If you’re in a strange pattern that seems to be continuing in a downward direction, you may do well to keep a few things in mind to preserve your sanity.

To see the series of events that inspired this post, watch #DayWithCK: 009 – Inch by Inch

1) Breathe. Drink. Eat.

Few things are harder on the body than stress. Not only is it toxic to internal organs and all that gooey human stuff, but it also blocks creative thinking (by design). The body was masterfully designed, able to tolerate extreme situations, but there is always a trade-off. Take time to breathe.

2) Charge Your Phone

“One second, my phone is about to die!”

This is so frustrating when you’re in the middle of calling a tow truck, loved one, etc. Charge your connection with the outside world every chance you get, even if you have well over 50% remaining.

3) Establish Routine

Fall back on something you know. For me that’s making sure that I get some tea, talk with my fiancĂ©, and read my Bible. Those three things are my security blanket; if I get those things done, life makes sense and the rest is negotiable.

4) No Heroics!

I wrote this one specifically for myself. I have a tendency to try and solve things on my own, which is a great example of, “unjustified complexity.” There’s no point in trying to take on the horde when flying solo! Ask for advice, listen before taking action, and plan your steps carefully.

Hope that helps. Stay tuned to my various social channels to watch the rest of this crazy journey!