March-ing Onward

rimshot I’m so clever.

This month holds the 6-month mark for my time in Springfield, MO. I moved because I felt like I should; the list of reasons and opportunities were encouraging, challenging, inviting. So far, things have been working out very well!

Since a few weeks before I moved, I have been keeping careful record of various areas in my life. I won’t bore you with details; I wanted to track growth in areas like creative writing, how and when I’ve had ideas, Bible studies, meanings to dreams, books I’m reading, artwork and photography, etc. This has resulted in a volume of information, but there’s still something missing: I have not progressed in making that data more than statistics. I’ve done a good job compiling things, but I think it’s time to put it to better use.

I believe it would be interesting to put a newsletter together. If you pay attention to my Facebook feed you’ll see bits and pieces of what I’m up to; if you visit my website you’ll find samples of projects I’ve worked on; if you follow my updates on deviantART/Flickr you’ll see some creative/recent ventures. These are all good ways to stay in touch, but why not try to mux all of them into a single update?

Here’s my goal: during the month of March, I’ll put two newsletters together. These will have snippets of content – possibly including several areas I mentioned above – serving as an abbreviated breakdown of what I’m up to. I’ll release these on my usual channels (Facebook, personal site, dA, etc.) on the 15th and 30th of the month, as well as offer an e-mail version to anyone who’d like to receive it. This will be a trial-run for the format; if things go well I’ll look at continuing the trend, if not I’ll learn from it and proceed in another direction!

Personally, I find it interesting to learn more about people and see what they find important in their life. Assuming there are several of you who do the same, perhaps this will be a fun way to re-connect or spark a conversation. (Part of me wants to try the format simply because I’ve never done it!) Stay tuned and I’ll see what I can do…