Poetry – Beauty

When you hear the word beauty – what do you see?
Some people see a meadow, others a forest or stream,


Some people find beauty in great music or art,
Others prefer movies, sports cars, or trophys for a start,


But when I think of beauty, I see different things,
I see what God has done with the world that He made,


I see summer flowers – whole fields in full bloom,
And I feel the jolt in my chest when a thunderclap booms,


I see all of my family, my relitives and close friends,
I see all the people I hang out with time and again,


Certain faces and people also leap out at me,
As I recall them from good times and memories,


But the most important of all, and above all the rest,
I thank God for his mercy and all the ways I’ve been blessed,


I thank God for His grace and the wonderful gift of His Son,
And that I’ll be with Him forever once this race has been run,


I’m talking about heaven – the city with streets of gold,
With millions of mansions, and the prophets of old,


Also in heaven, and this is what I know I’ll see,
I’ll see the face of my Father looking and smiling at me,


I’ll fall down on my knees and cry out to the I Am,
I’ll say, “Holy, holy is the one true soverign Lamb”,


“His grace is forever, His love will not run dry”,
“For it is sooner that the north star shall fall from the sky”,


So I thank you dear Lord for giving me eyes to see,
And for being the perfect model of beauty for me.