EE10 – New Directions

Note: EE8, EE9, EE1b, and EE10 are all “old news” in a way. My original plan with these short stories was to write overly-detailed exposition for a little writing exercise. What I found, however, was a desire to explore new directions; each time I looked at one of these I felt like writing entire chapters,… Continue reading EE10 – New Directions

EE9 – New Dawn

The sun rose slowly over the horizon, a bright ball of fire burning the morning dew off of the canvas tents. All was still in the encampment, the residents therein concealed from the crisp morning air for a few moments longer. They were all eager to start the day, though not before the morning light… Continue reading EE9 – New Dawn

EE8 – Citadel Celebration

The city bustled with excitement, a merry time of year had arrived for those who wished to observe such occasions. Many citizens had taken to the market squares and public meeting places, their growing anticipation for the days ahead removing any of the usual barriers that divided them from the rest of society. It was… Continue reading EE8 – Citadel Celebration

Sailing in Place

I stepped out on to the deck, the cool ocean air hitting my face as the cabin door swung open. The gentle rocking of the ship seemed to almost lull one into a false sense of security, as though we were in the arms of a loving parent rather than the millions of unforgiving gallons… Continue reading Sailing in Place

EE1b – Dreaming

Laughter echoed into the dimly-lit hallway, joyful sounds traveling on rays of light spilling from the opening. A shadowed form approached the source of the noise, eager to enter the inner area where the others had gathered. He moved slowly through the doorway in efforts to remain unnoticed, though it wasn’t long before someone in… Continue reading EE1b – Dreaming

The Widgetmaker

"Gah, it doesn’t work!" he cried, tossing the piece of equipment into the corner.  He instantly regretted his decision, and was relieved to find that it had landed among a collection of blankets lying there.  "I guess not doing laundry can pay off." mused the male, slumping back into the couch.  The clock on the… Continue reading The Widgetmaker

EE7 – The Teacher

The children laughed and ran through the forest, eager to roll in the soft grassy meadow and climb the smaller trees that shaded the winding path. Traveling through the forest was a small price to pay for the beauty of their destination, and each week when it was time to return to the valley they… Continue reading EE7 – The Teacher

EE6 – Training Exercises

Upon first glance, the nature scene seemed perfectly serene with nothing out of place. It could have been a painting, really, with the soft moonlight shining down through the trees and onto the water’s calm surface. Not a sound could be heard aside from the gentle splashing of a small waterfall at the far end… Continue reading EE6 – Training Exercises

EE5 – The Spartan

Long blades of grass rustled softly in the breeze as the first rays of morning light appeared on the horizon. Not a single animal stirred, no movement could be detected save for the gentle sway of prairie grasses. Even the dew seemed to hold fast in silent protest against the rising sun that would burn… Continue reading EE5 – The Spartan

EE4 – Morning Preparations

On any given day, one could walk through the courtyard and hear a myriad of sounds. At times it was cluttered with clanks and clangs of steel upon steel, a sure sign that a training exercise was taking place. Some days it was peaceful, almost serene, with the carefree songs of birds filling the air… Continue reading EE4 – Morning Preparations