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Haiku – Positions

Past pursuits prepare, Present problems persevere, Post placements provoke.

Haiku – Friendship Math

Three start together, One added two subtracted, Two apart again.

Haiku – Numbness

Numbness does occur, When scabs of emotion form, From wounds ripped open.

Haiku – Ballerina

Though her statue sat, Poised and pretty on the shelf, It broke in my hand.

Haiku – Do Right

Your best truly shows, When a crowd of none observes, Let peace be the judge.  

Haiku – Directions

With few options left, If deep down something stands up, Listen and do right.

Haiku – The Last Word

To speak the last word, Means you simply had more time, To shape your story.

Poetry – Music is Medicine


Music is a thing that soothes my soul, It somehow completes me, makes me whol,   When life kicks me and I don’t know what to do, I reach for my CD player and turn up the tune,   Soon my problems are gone and my thoughts are clear, After listening to the music I […]