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Haiku – Positions

Past pursuits prepare, Present problems persevere, Post placements provoke.

Haiku – Numbness

Numbness does occur, When scabs of emotion form, From wounds ripped open.

Haiku – Ballerina

Though her statue sat, Poised and pretty on the shelf, It broke in my hand.

Haiku – Do Right

Your best truly shows, When a crowd of none observes, Let peace be the judge.  

Poetry – Music is Medicine

Music is a thing that soothes my soul, It somehow completes me, makes me whol,   When life kicks me and I don’t know what to do, I reach for my CD player and turn up the tune,   Soon my problems are gone and my thoughts are clear, After listening to the music I […]

Poetry – My Notebook

I carry a notebook with me all the time, In case I am thinking and come up with a rhyme, You see I like to write things every now and again, Instead of voicing me thoughts I write them down with my pen, Sometimes people won’t give me the time of day, And I’ve found […]

Poetry – Purity

Purity’s a subject which I’ll try and define, I’ll try to be brief – yet I’ll do it in rhyme,   Purity can be symbolized with a number of things, Some people use bracelets, others pennants or rings,   However something I think most people today miss, Amongst all the jewelry and gift-giving bliss,   […]

Poetry – Teapot

I sit quietly in the room, awaiting the meeting, Hoping to serve my purpose or risk a beating, The people all enter in their clamorous ways, Some pausing to stare, others still in a daze, After a noisy discourse they all take their seat, Their talking continues, though it never did cease, Not long thereafter […]

Poetry – What Can You Say?

What can you say, and how can you describe a very special person? How can you explain their traits to someone who doesn’t know them? Someone who’s always been there when you’re in a tight position, Someone who is constantly helping and always ready to listen, A person who is truly dedicated to his family […]

Poetry – Beauty

When you hear the word beauty – what do you see? Some people see a meadow, others a forest or stream,   Some people find beauty in great music or art, Others prefer movies, sports cars, or trophys for a start,   But when I think of beauty, I see different things, I see what […]

Poetry – Christmas

As the holiday draws so very near, I bid you all some Christmas cheer,   I ask that during this holiday season, You focus on the one true reason,   Why we celebrate Christmas the way that we do, And I hope the real reason is quite clear to you,   In case you were […]

Poetry – Friends Like You

It’s a real blessing to have friends like you, People who you know you can always talk to,   People who will listen when you’re feeling down, Who won’t spread your conversations all over town,   People who you can look straight in the eye, And talk to them honestly without having to lie,   […]

Poetry – Happy New Year

With the closing of the last 12 months drawing very near, It brings to peoples minds how they will bring in the new year,   For some it provides an excuse to stay up late, To join all the people who pack into a small space,   They all chant a countdown as a ball […]

Poetry – I Wish That I Could Sleep

There are so many times I’ll be lying in my bed, And this always happens on nights when I need my rest,   I’ll be thinking about you and all that you’ve said, And a rhyme or a poem will start to form in my head,   It will no doubt involve your grace – […]

Poetry – Library

Oh to be trapped in a library, With nothing to do but read   When my troubles for each day, Are eyes that no longer see,   Hours spent but never wasted, Words not bound by lock or key,   Propped up against the shelves, Whether sitting or on my knees,   I’d pour over […]

Haiku – Concise

Simple and concise, Somehow the words of these lines, Always seem to fit.

Haiku – Profound

The most profound things, Can not be put into words, But trust they are heard.