STM010: Stay Put?

Thoughts on staying put, moving, and being perfectly okay with taking a break while away with family. As you were.

STM009: Repurpose Your Content

A few thoughts on how to take the plunge, make something, and use that content over and over to get it into the hands of different markets.

STM008: Just Sayin’

A few brief thoughts on the use of casual or apologetic language in our day – here’s looking at me, kids.

STM007: The Type

The dangers of assuming that there are “types” of people who do certain things, especially when it really should be the job of every person.

STM006: 10,000 Hours

If something takes 10,000 hours to master, I suggest two ways of looking at things: 1) Keep wondering how 10,000 hours will ever happen. 2) Start with hour #1…today.

STM005: Half-Answered

When the going gets tough…sometimes email doesn’t get answered. What do the “hidden drafts” weigh whne you consider the number of things left to be done?

STM004: Paperboy Honor

Happy Father’s Day! Thoughts on honorable action and 3am scruples. What do you do when a culture does not value the hidden right action of an individual?

STM003: Work Windows

Quick thoughts on the weekend, tea, and how being able to look through the “window” of what someone is working on can be inspiring.

STM002: Coffee Worth Leaving

As I head off into the sunset for some coffee, something from a conversation earlier that day sparks the question about what is worth leaving…or staying for.

STM001: Interruptions

Your mom told you there would be days like this. Here are a few thoughts on rescuing time for days headed in the wrong direction.