re: Lost in Translation

I have been sitting on this post since mid-summer of 2011. Perhaps you would take a stroll with me as we consider this masterful piece of cinema. Here’s to one of the best films ever made…that I may never need to watch again.

Friendly Neighborhood Chivalries

8:00am on a chilly morning in Springfield, Missouri. One of my neighbors, a woman in her mid-twenties, is trying to scrape several layers of ice off her windshield with a tiny scraper. I have a couple hefty ones in my car – growing up in the Midwest has its advantages – and immediately feel obligated to offer my assistance.


Goldilocks, Ecclesiastes, and Zappos. Being stuck in the middle isn’t a great place to be, even though we really love that place in our culture. Do we know how to progress steadily, or will the constant din of shoe-swapping, bed-hopping, and taste-testing wear us out?