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Christmas Disquisition

Christmas Disquisition An evaluation of an especially eccentric time of year. Regardless of how or why you observe December 25th, this was written for you. While I do speak more pointedly to those that celebrate this day as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, I gladly extend my thoughts to those that do […]

Insomnia – My Old Friend

I sat up in my chair, a slight surge of energy surfacing from some unknown storage cell within.  Fighting off the relentless pull of slumber, I allowed myself a moment to find my bearings and send the message I had been typing moments earlier.  It was late, somewhere near 3:00 am, and I had once […]

Dance of the Doves

Once I was walking though the woods, the sunlight shining through the trees making everything come to life around me.  As I neared a clearing, I saw a bridge spanning a shallow ravine with a small creek running through it.  The water played a sweet tune as it drifted past, the gentle ripples highlighted by […]