Poetry – Purity

Purity’s a subject which I’ll try and define, I’ll try to be brief – yet I’ll do it in rhyme,   Purity can be symbolized with a number of things, Some people use bracelets, others pennants or rings,   However something I think most people today miss, Amongst all the jewelry and gift-giving bliss,  … Continue reading Poetry – Purity

Poetry – Teapot

I sit quietly in the room, awaiting the meeting, Hoping to serve my purpose or risk a beating, The people all enter in their clamorous ways, Some pausing to stare, others still in a daze, After a noisy discourse they all take their seat, Their talking continues, though it never did cease, Not long thereafter… Continue reading Poetry – Teapot

Poetry – Beauty

When you hear the word beauty – what do you see? Some people see a meadow, others a forest or stream,   Some people find beauty in great music or art, Others prefer movies, sports cars, or trophys for a start,   But when I think of beauty, I see different things, I see what… Continue reading Poetry – Beauty

Poetry – Christmas

As the holiday draws so very near, I bid you all some Christmas cheer,   I ask that during this holiday season, You focus on the one true reason,   Why we celebrate Christmas the way that we do, And I hope the real reason is quite clear to you,   In case you were… Continue reading Poetry – Christmas