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The Pursuit of Happilyness

Everyone searches for joy and peace, hoping to find something that makes them happy. Regardless of the pursuit, few things are worth the journey without the company of those you love. These are some of the footprints one twenty-something man left in the sand while pursuing…happiness.

Gun For Hire: Downtime

A funny thing happened today: I actually ran out of things to work on. My clients were happy, news of my new job was in motion, and I had no access to my home setup. What is a young creative to do? I think you can tell a lot about someone with how they use […]

HTML5 Reset on The Big Web Show

This is exciting – I’ve been working with Tim Murtaugh to update the HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme. His work was some of the first HTML5 code I read/wrote back before a lot of the frameworks became popular. I’ve been pleased to contribute back to this project, and Tim talked about this and other things he’s working on in the latest episode of The Big Web Show. Go listen and check out his work!

Gun For Hire: Connections

I love meeting people who live, work, and breathe the web industry. There are plenty of places I would like to go and people I would like to meet, but sometimes the “right” connections are right here in my own backyard.

Owning A Business

Owning a business is about doing the right thing and having the confidence that what you’re doing is going to work.

Gun for Hire: Introductions

Doing web work for yourself, clients, *and* a local web agency requires some fancy footwork at times. I’m not sure I’ve read too many blogs about going from flying solo to sitting at a desk (not like a corporate stooge, thankfully), so perhaps this will help some people

On Websites (Part 1)

Websites should be simple tools that illustrate what we do. When I decided to remake this site, I had a clear vision in mind, but it’s all about perceptions and choices. Part one of two dealing with our goals and “missions” online.

Trenches Launch

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Trenches hit the streets after many moons of being held back by various studios – go check it out! I worked hard on this with some really awesome artists and the finished product rocks.