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Mr. Technicianal Man

Follow along as I tell the story of going from kid-with-camera to guy-with-computer! This is the first time I have really spelled out the story of how I got into the field of web development, and how young I was when I got my start.

The Marathon

The second lap of the race was killing me. Every fiber of my being was on fire, oxygen wouldn’t come fast enough, and I was easily distracted by the crowd. But there it was, sitting on the ground and demanding that I redouble my efforts. I put one foot in front of the other, straining to reach the starting line one more time.

Day One…Again

You know those movies where the main character is stuck in a time loop, the woman checks out the noise, and the guy walks into the dark hallway? Those stories suck.

The Steady Drum

Piano players, armies, and frustrated artisans. We all march to the beat of a steady drum.

The Pursuit of Happilyness

Everyone searches for joy and peace, hoping to find something that makes them happy. Regardless of the pursuit, few things are worth the journey without the company of those you love. These are some of the footprints one twenty-something man left in the sand while pursuing…happiness.

Gun For Hire: Downtime

A funny thing happened today: I actually ran out of things to work on. My clients were happy, news of my new job was in motion, and I had no access to my home setup. What is a young creative to do? I think you can tell a lot about someone with how they use […]

Gun For Hire: Likeness

I tend to obsess about online presentation. Whether it’s business speak or replies on Twitter, I am fully aware that every time I “publish” anything it may be read by future clients. Here is an example of why that’s so important.

Gun For Hire: Reliance

These GFH articles have been down in the depths as of late, discussing the hard realities of having a business and searching for work. I’d be remiss to suggest that it really is turtles all the way down. Time to bring this trend of topics back toward the surface.

Safety Noose

Nothing feels “right” until I write. Whenever I am trying to figure things out, typing or doodling is always part of the solution. I also really enjoy listening to and learning from other people. Crazy as this may sound, I have a very short list of folks that I pay attention to online. I sincerely hope a few of them read this.


“I feel like I lost my job.” 27 years old and this was the second time I had ever said those words. The first time was three years earlier, when I launched out to start my freelance web business. Always an adventure.

Freelancer On The Run

I was teasing a good friend about losing his internet connection the other night…then I came home to a dead line at my house. Cruel irony. Though this issue drove me to public wifi for several hours, I wanted to share a few ABC’s for the digital nomad with a non-functional home office.

Gun For Hire: Connections

I love meeting people who live, work, and breathe the web industry. There are plenty of places I would like to go and people I would like to meet, but sometimes the “right” connections are right here in my own backyard.

Gun For Hire: Relocation

I’d love to glorify my current calendar mess and say something like, “I’m moving into a new studio space.” The cameras would slowly pan across my minimalist desk, the dim lighting would reveal the razor-sharp edges of my Apple hardware, and the piles of notebooks would remind you of Ray Bradbury, not this hectic freelancer.

Owning A Business

Owning a business is about doing the right thing and having the confidence that what you’re doing is going to work.

Gun for Hire: Introductions

Doing web work for yourself, clients, *and* a local web agency requires some fancy footwork at times. I’m not sure I’ve read too many blogs about going from flying solo to sitting at a desk (not like a corporate stooge, thankfully), so perhaps this will help some people

On Websites (Part 1)

Websites should be simple tools that illustrate what we do. When I decided to remake this site, I had a clear vision in mind, but it’s all about perceptions and choices. Part one of two dealing with our goals and “missions” online.

Searching for Home

Introduction My name is Charles Kimball Hicks, IV, but you do not know me by that name. You probably know me as “CK” from somewheres or otherwise. You don’t know that my name means: “strong, manly, enduring” or how much I desperately want you to read this letter. You will soon know, however, that I […]


What we do to stay busy may not be where we should spend our time. Do you work because you want to improve the area around you, or to meet the false expectations you established? Don’t deify Edison’s principle; I urge you to pause before you ruin your reputation with empty promises.


What pieces of what you’d like to do can you be doing today? If there aren’t any, you might need to re-configure your expectations of the future. Can you cut out something silly to get 10x more of something important? I’m wildly fascinated with the way Sherlock is portrayed *between* solving cases; let’s take a look.