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Writing in the New Year

Writing has always been easy for me. Since I was young, the many words that flow from my mouth pour forth just as easily through my pen.

Day One…Again

You know those movies where the main character is stuck in a time loop, the woman checks out the noise, and the guy walks into the dark hallway? Those stories suck.

The Blank Page

“Let me say it again: you must not come lightly to the blank page.” — Stephen King, On Writing


I haven’t published much RSAGS™ as of late, because I’ve neglected the time of day when I should be “making the clackity noise.” Even though I believe polish is one of the most important things in creative work, it’s also really tough to keep moving your hands if you have to stay in the lines every time.

Smoking Jacket

Working and writing through the smells and voices of daily life in my new apartment. I’d really like to not wear this smoking jacket any longer.