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Allergies < Halo

I have finally found it – the one thing that actually stops allergies dead in it’s tracks. Now I’ve been allergic to most airborne things for my entire life, been on lots of different stuff for it, but never have I found something this effective. Want to know what it is? Halo. Sitting and playing […]

10 Reasons to Check Out Halo 3

10 days from now, the remaining copies of Halo 3 (those that survived the pre-order frenzy) will hit store shelves. While I’ve been a fan since the original there are lots of people out there who need a bit more encouragement as to why this will be incredible. If you’re into FPS action and aren’t […]

Have YOU Planned Your Funeral?

For a good time…plan your funeral before you die! While this article made me laugh from the very headline, the more I read the more I realized how sad it was that entire companies go to some of the lengths they do for people. This world boggles my mind. Not only are people so uncertain […]

So Much Cooler Online…

Story of my life – without all the chatting and such though. Higher quality version can be found here at ifilm.  

It’s Not About Me

…well, the website is Before I put anything else on this website, before I add content of any kind, and before I check to see if anyone’s looking, I want to make one thing very clear: It’s not about me. This website is the product of many lines of thought all crashing into one another […]

First Post!

Think of it as the ultimate sticky thread, the spoiler you’ll never have to highlight, and the preview that marks the beginning of a new era – all wrapped up in one post. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…