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Accountability and Shared Experiences

I work and live alone. As a web developer, my day-to-day is largely spent in front of a screen, flying solo. In fact, I work to create opportunities we can all experience in our own little personal glass spheres.

Safety Noose

Nothing feels “right” until I write. Whenever I am trying to figure things out, typing or doodling is always part of the solution. I also really enjoy listening to and learning from other people. Crazy as this may sound, I have a very short list of folks that I pay attention to online. I sincerely hope a few of them read this.

Gun For Hire: Unsustainable

This will not be the last post in my Gun For Hire series, but I do hope that it marks the start of a new chapter. It’s time to step up and deal with the elephant in the room: sustainability.