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OT Prophets

Reading about the lives of the prophets in the OT is really hard. I can’t imagine some of the struggles they went through, much less the things they had to surrender so that God would be most glorified in their lives. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this last part as of late. […]

Job 32:1

Do you ever feel like your closest friends ignore you; that your trust with the deepest questions returns no results? If so, I propose a question: have you checked to see if you’ve left a place for them to stand next to you? This passage states that Job’s three friends ceased to answer him. It […]

Acts 8:4

It is very important that we spread the news of Jesus Christ to all people. Sometimes this is done with other believers at our side; other times it means going alone. The number is irrelevant, however, because we are commanded to go into all the Earth and tell people about Christ. (Matthiew 28:19-20) One crucial […]