29 Years, As You Do

10:00 PM. Today has been a full day of writing code, having meetings, and thanking the well-wishers who stopped by to say hello. This is what my mom would call a “grown-up” birthday, and it made me wonder where celebration and comfort fit in a culturally-acceptable view of everyday life.

The Pursuit of Happilyness

Everyone searches for joy and peace, hoping to find something that makes them happy. Regardless of the pursuit, few things are worth the journey without the company of those you love. These are some of the footprints one twenty-something man left in the sand while pursuing…happiness.

Searching for Home

Introduction My name is Charles Kimball Hicks, IV, but you do not know me by that name. You probably know me as “CK” from somewheres or otherwise. You don’t know that my name means: “strong, manly, enduring” or how much I desperately want you to read this letter. You will soon know, however, that I… Continue reading Searching for Home

OT Prophets

Reading about the lives of the prophets in the OT is really hard. I can’t imagine some of the struggles they went through, much less the things they had to surrender so that God would be most glorified in their lives. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this last part as of late.… Continue reading OT Prophets