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Being Inventor-y to Take Inventory

I get kind of nerdy with words sometimes. (Okay, a lot.) This pair struck me as far too coincidental to ignore – I look back over 2010 and see how this has really been the center of my sporadic “creative block” experiences. To boil it down: I think you have to be an inventor before […]

Car Alarms

I was on my way home last night shortly before 2:00 am, and I needed to stop at the library to drop off a few materials. Rain had been falling for part of the evening lining the empty streets with small rivers of water. I pulled into the parking lot and turned my car off, […]

My Car is a Morning Person

So I’m on my way to work today and all of a sudden my wipers…eh…wipe.  I look down and they’re turned off, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened and it’s an older car.  I shrug and keep driving, and don’t get far before it happens once more.  Finally when it occurs a third […]

The Cost of Inspiration

I’m cursed with the blessing of inspiration. Seldom do I ever have an idea that isn’t immediately followed by 5 more, making it almost impossible to ever start (much less complete) even 1/10th of them. Heck, even this post was initially interrupted by several others, which have also evolved into drafts that will hopefully become […]