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Over the last several years, I have re-designed this site about a dozen times. I’d like to explore the idea behind this change, what drove me to this point, plus a bit about content strategy and the way our brains work. I love that stuff.

Microsoft & Japanese Culture Aftershocks

In case you missed my reactions to Bing’s latest move on Twitter, check out my tweet and the two videos that followed! [blackbirdpie url=”″]

Top Things Through Twenty-Ten

I’ve learned a lot in my 25 years on this Earth. Every trip around the sun brings more wisdom, experience, embarrassment and so on to my story. This year has been no exception – since I’m turning 25 I thought I’d finish 2010 with 25 things I’ve learned thus far. Check back every few days […]

March-ing Onward

rimshot I’m so clever. This month holds the 6-month mark for my time in Springfield, MO. I moved because I felt like I should; the list of reasons and opportunities were encouraging, challenging, inviting. So far, things have been working out very well! Since a few weeks before I moved, I have been keeping careful […]

American Idol – Day 3

All’s well that ends well, and this certainly did. I put in a 15 hour shift, bringing my total for the last three days to an even 40 hours on my timecard. Needless to say that’s why I am writing this the following day. The auditions were very interesting to watch, though it took forever […]

American Idol – Day 2

Quick update from the front, mobilize the contestants and prepare for audition day! Got to help move some stuff around and set up various areas for Friday today – also did lots of the same stuff we did the first day but hey that’s why we’re there!  I have found that when in situations like […]

American Idol – Day 1

Woke up at 3:00 am today to be at the crew call by 4:00 – we quickly found out that the term “production assistant” basically means “grunt/peon/grip” and that most of what we would be doing would be related to crowd control and ticket handling.  That’s fine with me, as I’m there to watch and […]

Culinary Shows, Late Nights, American Idol

Greetings all, thought I’d take a moment to explain why I’ve been a bit scarce as of late.  No, I didn’t win American Idol, but thanks for the flattering notion! Actually the truth of the matter is I’ve been running almost non-stop since my bother and I got back in town two weeks ago, and […]

Another Day At IDS

Shot another couple culinary shows here at work today – the main guests were a cook and manager from Chipotle (which I must confess I have never had!) Whenever we shoot culinary shows we get to nibble on whatever they make, this time it was Chipotle guacamole and their fantastic chips. In one of the […]