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Been a Week (2014-07-04)

Independence Day, Snapple Peach Tea, Term Limits, sunset obsession, and being grateful through hard work.

Facebook Tutorial: Adding Default Tabs

I should probably upload more of these from time to time. This one is pretty basic, but with all of the changes to Facebook’s page layout and dynamic content I thought it’d be helpful. NOTE: Right now the popular way to add these features is using FBML. This method is being depreciated March 11, 2011 […]

Trenches Launch

Trenches hit the streets after many moons of being held back by various studios – go check it out! I worked hard on this with some really awesome artists and the finished product rocks.

Threads of Destiny – Webdoc

Be sure to take a look at this latest webdoc for Star Wars: Threads of Destiny – this video shows a brief behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the post-production process of a film like this. Myself and many others around the world have been putting a lot of time into the project and it […]